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Revision: 2009-02-25

The MIB module for managing Trunk Media Gateway.

A Media Gateway is a network element that provides conversion between the audio signals carried on telephone circuits and data packets carried over the Internet or over other packet data networks.

Trunk Media Gateway interface is between the telephone network and a Voice over IP/ATM network. The interface on a Trunk Gateway terminates a trunk connected to PSTN switch (e.g., Class 5, Class 4, etc.).

Media Gateways use a call control architecture where the call control ‘intelligence’ is outside the gateways and handled by external call control elements, called Media Gateway Controllers (MGCs). The MGCs or Call Agents, synchronize with each other to send coherent commands to the gateways under their control.

MGCs use master/slave protocols to command the gateways under their control. Examples of these protocols are:

  • Simple Gateway Control Protocol
  • Media Gateway Control Protocol
  • Megaco (H.248)
  • Simple Resource Control Protocol

To connect MG to MGCs using these control protocols through an IP/UDP Ports which must be configured. To resolve IP Addresses, DNS name services may be used.