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Revision: 2011-04-08

This is the MIB Module for Cable Spectrum Management for DOCSIS-compliant Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS).

Spectrum management is a software/hardware feature provided in the CMTS so that the CMTS may sense both downstream and upstream plant impairments, report them to a management entity, and automatically mitigate them where possible.

The CMTS directly senses upstream transmission errors.It may also indirectly monitor the condition of the plant by keeping a record of modem state changes. It is desireable to perform these functions without reducing throughput or latency and without creating additional packet overhead on the RF plant.

The purpose of cable Spectrum Management is to prevent long term service interruptions caused by upstream noise events in the cable plant. It is also used for fault management and trouble shooting the cable network. When modems are detected to go on-line and off-line by flap detectors, the cable operators can look at the flap list and spectrum tables to determine the possible causes.