class NHRPMIB.NhrpCacheTable

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : NHRPMIB NhrpCacheTable

This class represents state data.

This table contains mappings between internetwork layer

addresses and NBMA subnetwork layer addresses.


A cached mapping between an internetwork layer address and an NBMA address. Entries can be created by the network administrator using the nhrpCacheRowStatus column, or they may be added dynamically based on protocol operation (including NHRP, SCSP, and others, such as ATMARP). When created based by NHRP protocol operations this entry is largely based on contents contained in the Client Information Entry (CIE). Zero or more Client Information Entries (CIEs) may be included in the NHRP Packet. For a complete description of the CIE, refer to Section of RFC 2332 [17]

type: list of NhrpCacheEntry

config: False