class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.INET_ADDRESS_MIB.InetAddressType

InetAddressType (Enum Class)

A value that represents a type of Internet address.

unknown(0) An unknown address type. This value MUST

be used if the value of the corresponding

InetAddress object is a zero-length string.

It may also be used to indicate an IP address

that is not in one of the formats defined


ipv4(1) An IPv4 address as defined by the

InetAddressIPv4 textual convention.

ipv6(2) An IPv6 address as defined by the

InetAddressIPv6 textual convention.

ipv4z(3) A non-global IPv4 address including a zone

index as defined by the InetAddressIPv4z

textual convention.

ipv6z(4) A non-global IPv6 address including a zone

index as defined by the InetAddressIPv6z

textual convention.

dns(16) A DNS domain name as defined by the

InetAddressDNS textual convention.

Each definition of a concrete InetAddressType value must be

accompanied by a definition of a textual convention for use

with that InetAddressType.

To support future extensions, the InetAddressType textual

convention SHOULD NOT be sub-typed in object type definitions.

It MAY be sub-typed in compliance statements in order to

require only a subset of these address types for a compliant


Implementations must ensure that InetAddressType objects

and any dependent objects (e.g., InetAddress objects) are

consistent. An inconsistentValue error must be generated

if an attempt to change an InetAddressType object would,

for example, lead to an undefined InetAddress value. In

particular, InetAddressType/InetAddress pairs must be

changed together if the address type changes (e.g., from

ipv6(2) to ipv4(1)).

unknown = 0
ipv4 = 1
ipv6 = 2
ipv4z = 3
ipv6z = 4
dns = 16