class Interfaces.Interface.Ipv6

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : Interfaces Interface Ipv6

This class is a presence class

This class represents configuration data.

Parameters for the IPv6 address family.


Controls whether IPv6 is enabled or disabled on this interface. When IPv6 is enabled, this interface is connected to an IPv6 stack, and the interface can send and receive IPv6 packets

type: bool

default value: true


Controls IPv6 packet forwarding of datagrams received by, but not addressed to, this interface. IPv6 routers forward datagrams. IPv6 hosts do not (except those source-routed via the host)

type: bool

default value: false


The size, in octets, of the largest IPv6 packet that the interface will send and receive. The server may restrict the allowed values for this leaf, depending on the interface’s type. If this leaf is not configured, the operationally used MTU depends on the interface’s type

type: int

range: 1280..4294967295

units: octets


The list of configured IPv6 addresses on the interface

type: list of Address


A list of mappings from IPv6 addresses to link-layer addresses. Entries in this list are used as static entries in the Neighbor Cache

type: list of Neighbor


The number of consecutive Neighbor Solicitation messages sent while performing Duplicate Address Detection on a tentative address. A value of zero indicates that Duplicate Address Detection is not performed on tentative addresses. A value of one indicates a single transmission with no follow-up retransmissions

type: int

range: 0..4294967295

default value: 1


Parameters to control the autoconfiguration of IPv6 addresses, as described in RFC 4862

type: Autoconf


Configuration of IPv6 Router Advertisements

type: Ipv6RouterAdvertisements