class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.Cisco_IOS_XE_ntp_oper.RefidPktTypeInfo

RefidPktTypeInfo (Enum Class)

The type of information stored in the refid

ntp_ref_state_kod = 0

Kiss of Death code or KOD contains debug or maintenance code. Refid is set to these codes in stratums 0 and 16 (unspec,invalid, unsync)

ntp_ref_state_resolved_with_clk_source = 1

CLK Source type occurs for all primary time servers in stratum 1

ntp_ref_state_resolved_with_ip_addr = 2

IP address occurs for clients in stratums >= 2 and <=15

ntp_ref_state_bad_state = 3

Bad state which serves as a default criterion for a complete mismatch with all cases