class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_FIREWALL_TC.CFWUrlfVendorId

CFWUrlfVendorId (Enum Class)

This type denotes the vendor of a URL filtering

server which the firewall uses to implement URL


A URL filtering server provides a database of URLs

with appropriate access restrictions (e.g.,

deny or permit). Various security devices can make

use of these filtering servers to provide URL filtering

functionality to the users.

The following values are defined:


Other type of URL filtering servers than those

specified below.


Websense URL filtering server. One of the products

provided by Websense is a Web Filtering Server.

More information about Websense Web Filtering

product can be found at


N2H2 URL filtering server. More information about

N2H2 Filtering product can be found at

other = 1
websense = 2
n2h2 = 3