class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_ENHANCED_MEMPOOL_MIB.CempMemPoolTypes

CempMemPoolTypes (Enum Class)

Represents the different types of memory pools that

may be present in a managed device.

Note that only the processor pool is required to be

supported by all devices. Support for other pool types

is dependent on the device being managed.

processorMemory -

processor associated heap memory.

ioMemory -

shared memory for buffer data and

controller descriptor blocks.

pciMemory -

Peripheral Component Interconnect bus

memory which is visible to all devices on

the PCI buses in a platform.

fastMemory -

memory defined by the particular platform

for speed critical applications.

multibusMemory -

memory present on some platforms that

is used as a fallback pool.

interruptStackMemory -

memory for allocating interrupt stacks.

It is usually allocated from heap.

processStackMemory -

memory for allocating process stacks.

It is usually allocated from heap.

localExceptionMemory -

memory reserved for processing

a system core dump.

virtualMemory -

memory used to increase available RAM.

reservedMemory -

memory used for packet headers,

particle headers and particles.

imageMemory -

memory which corresponds to the image

file system.

asicMemory -

Application Specific Integrated Circuit


posixMemory -

Heap memory associated with posix style

processes in ion.

other = 1
processorMemory = 2
ioMemory = 3
pciMemory = 4
fastMemory = 5
multibusMemory = 6
interruptStackMemory = 7
processStackMemory = 8
localExceptionMemory = 9
virtualMemory = 10
reservedMemory = 11
imageMemory = 12
asicMemory = 13
posixMemory = 14