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Revision: 2012-05-15

This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB (RFC2128) by providing management of voice telephony peers on both a circuit-switched telephony network, and an IP data network.


GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication

AMR-NB - Adaptive Multi Rate - Narrow Band

iLBC - internet Low Bitrate Codec

KPML - Key Press Markup Language

MGCP - Media Gateway Control Protocol.

SIP - Session Initiation Protocol.

H323 - One of the voip signalling protocol.

SCCP - Skinny Client Control Protocol.

dialpeer - This represents a configured interface that
carries the dial map. A dialpeer maps the called and calling numbers with the port or IP interface to be used.
License call capacity - This represents the licensed
maximum call capacity of the gateway.

iSAC - Internet Speech Audio Codec

RPH - Resource Priority Header

DSCP - Diffserv Code Points

This module contains augment: CISCOVOICEDIALCONTROLMIB.CvPeerCfgTable.CvPeerCfgEntry