class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xr.Cisco_IOS_XR_mpls_te_oper.MplsMteTunnelFailReason

MplsMteTunnelFailReason (Enum Class)

Reason for tunnel being down

mtunnel_fail_reason_unapplicable = 0

None of the reasons below is valid

mtunnel_fail_reason_shutdown = 1

Tunnel interface is shutdown

mtunnel_fail_reason_no_destination = 2

No destination is configured

mtunnel_fail_reason_no_path_option = 3

No path option is configured

mtunnel_fail_reason_no_source = 4

No ip source address is configured

mtunnel_fail_reason_collaborator_disc = 5

Collaborator not connected

mtunnel_fail_reason_unmatched_class_type_priority = 6

The class type and priority do not match any of

the TE-classes

mtunnel_fail_reason_invalid_bidir_cfg = 7

Configured bidirectional, incomplete switching

capability config

mtunnel_fail_reason_po_switchover = 8

Manual path-option switchover failed due to

destination(s) down

mtunnel_fail_reason_no_tunnel_id = 9

No tunnel-id is configured

mtunnel_fail_reason_no_link = 10

Tunnel’s egress link doesn’t exist

mtunnel_fail_reason_link_shutdown = 11

Tunnel’s egress link is shut down

mtunnel_fail_reason_link_lmp_down = 12

LMP is down on the tunnel’s egress link

mtunnel_fail_reason_source_destination_same = 13

Tunnel source and destination addresses are the


mtunnel_fail_reason_otn_no_odu_level = 14

OTN tunnel does not have odu-level set

mtunnel_fail_reason_bidir_assoc_id_missing = 15

Bidirectional is configured without Association


mtunnel_fail_reason_bfdgal_on_unidirectional = 16

BFD GAL mode is supported on bidirectional

tunnels only

mtunnel_fail_reason_destination_invalid = 17

Termination is supported with unnumbered

destination only

mtunnel_fail_reason_termination_bandwidth_mismatch = 18

Termination bandwidth should match signalled


mtunnel_fail_reason_termination_has_protection = 19

Termination supports only working path-option

mtunnel_fail_reason_termination_has_invalid_src_dest_ifindex = 20

Termination case must have source and

destination valid ifindex

mtunnel_fail_reason_termination_has_invalid_payload_type = 21

Termination payload type has to be valid for

configured bandwidth