class PseudowireConfig.Global

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : PseudowireConfig Global

This class represents configuration data.

Global configurations related to pseudowires.


Enable pw-grouping. When pseudowires (PW) are established, each PW is assigned a group ID that is common for all PWs created from the same physical port. Hence, when the physical port becomes non-functional or is deleted, L2VPN sends a single message to advertise the status change of all PWs belonging to the group. A single L2VPN signal thus avoids a lot of processing and loss in reactivity

type: bool

default value: false


Set pseudowire oam transmit refresh time (in seconds)

type: int

range: 1..4095


Enable pw-status

type: bool


Enable predictive redundancy

type: bool


If this leaf is set to true, then it enables the emission of ‘vc-state-notification’; otherwise these notifications are not emitted

type: bool


‘vc-state-notification’ allows batching of pseudowires in order to reduce number of notifications generated from the device. All pseudowires in a batched notification MUST share same state at the same time. This leaf defines the maximum number of VCs that can be batched in vc-state-notification

type: int

range: 0..4294967295


This leaf defines the maximum number of VC state change notifications that can be emitted from the device per second

type: int

range: 0..4294967295