class CISCOTAP2MIB.CTap2DebugUserTable.CTap2DebugUserEntry

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : CISCOTAP2MIB CTap2DebugUserTable CTap2DebugUserEntry

This class represents state data.

A conceptual row in the cTap2DebugUserTable. Each row

represents name of user on the router to whom Mediation Device

with CCCid represented by cTap2MediationContentId has given

access to Lawful Intercept commands and cTap2DebugUserTimeout

represents the time when the entry will expire.


type: int

range: 1..2147483647

refers to: ctap2mediationcontentid

config: False


A human readable string representing the name of debug user who will have access to Lawful Intercept commands

type: str

length: 1..255

config: False


This object specifies the time at which the row will be removed from the table by the system. The value of this object is only effective when the value of corresponding instance of cTap2DebugUserStatus is ‘active’

type: str

config: False


This object specifies the storage type of this conceptual row. If it is set to ‘nonVolatile’, this entry can be saved into non-volatile memory

type: StorageType

config: False


The status of this conceptual row. This object manages creation, modification, and deletion of rows in this table. cTap2DebugUserTimeout may be modified any time even when the value of this entry rowStatus object is ‘active’

type: RowStatus

config: False