class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.EtherLike_MIB.Dot3TestLoopBack

Bases: Entity, Identity, ObjectIdentity

This class represents configuration data.


This test configures the MAC chip and executes

an internal loopback test of memory, data paths,

and the MAC chip logic. This loopback test can

only be executed if the interface is offline.

Once the test has completed, the MAC chip should

be reinitialized for network operation, but it

should remain offline.

If an error occurs during a test, the

appropriate test result object will be set

to indicate a failure. The two OBJECT

IDENTIFIER values dot3ErrorInitError and

dot3ErrorLoopbackError may be used to provided

more information as values for an appropriate

test result code object.

This object identity has been deprecated, since

the ifTestTable in the IF-MIB was deprecated,

and there is no longer a standard mechanism for

initiating an interface test. This left no

standard way of using this object identity.