class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.IEEE8021_TC_MIB.IEEE8021ServiceSelectorType

IEEE8021ServiceSelectorType (Enum Class)

A value that represents a type (and thereby the format)

of a IEEE8021ServiceSelectorValue. The value can be one of

the following:

ieeeReserved(0) Reserved for definition by IEEE 802.1

recommend to not use zero unless

absolutely needed.

vlanId(1) 12-Bit identifier as described in IEEE802.1Q.

isid(2) 20-Bit identifier as described in IEEE802.1ah.

ieeeReserved(xx) Reserved for definition by IEEE 802.1

xx values can be [3..7].

To support future extensions, the IEEE8021ServiceSelectorType

textual convention SHOULD NOT be sub-typed in object type

definitions. It MAY be sub-typed in compliance statements in

order to require only a subset of these address types for a

compliant implementation.

Implementations MUST ensure that IEEE8021ServiceSelectorType

objects and any dependent objects (e.g.,

IEEE8021ServiceSelectorValue objects) are consistent. An

inconsistentValue error MUST be generated if an attempt to

change an IEEE8021ServiceSelectorType object would, for

example, lead to an undefined IEEE8021ServiceSelectorValue value.

vlanId = 1
isid = 2