class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_TAP2_MIB.CISCOTAP2MIB

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : CISCOTAP2MIB

This class represents state data.


type: CTap2MediationGroup

config: False


type: CTap2DebugGroup

config: False


This table lists the Mediation Devices with which the intercepting device communicates. These may be on the same or different Mediation Devices. This table is written by the Mediation Device, and is always volatile. This is because intercepts may disappear during a restart of the intercepting equipment. Entries are added to this table via cTap2MediationStatus in accordance with the RowStatus convention

type: CTap2MediationTable

config: False


The Intercept Stream Table lists the traffic streams to be intercepted. The same data stream may be required by multiple taps, and one might assume that often the intercepted stream is a small subset of the traffic that could be intercepted. The Table consists of generic fields that are independent of the type of intercept. It contains type of the specific filter which is defined in an extension MIB and counters to account for packets intercepted or dropped by the attached filter specification. Note that the Mediation Device must make sure there is only one type of specific filter created with the same indices as that of a row in this table, otherwise the later creations will fail. For example, if there is a row in this table with index 1.2, there can be a corresponding row with the same index either in citapStreamTable, c8tapStreamTable or cuctTapStreamTable, but not all. The first index indicates which Mediation Device the intercepted traffic will be diverted to. The second index permits multiple classifiers to be used together. Entries are added to this table via cTap2StreamStatus in accordance with the RowStatus convention

type: CTap2StreamTable

config: False


A table that contains Lawful Intercept debug messages generated by the implementing device. This table is used by ciscoTap2MediationDebug and ciscoTap2StreamDebug notifications. An entry in this table contains a debug message which is regarding either a Mediation Device or a intercept stream created by a Mediation Device. The Mediation device is identified by cTap2DebugMediationId whose value is that of cTap2MediationContentId of cTapMediationEntry. The stream is identified by cTap2DebugMediationId and cTap2DebugStreamId whose values are that of cTap2MediationContentId and cTap2StreamIndex of the corresponding cTap2StreamEntry. Note that cTap2DebugStreamId may be zero for an entry, in which case the debug message is regarding a Medation Device. Entries are added to this table via cTap2DebugStatus in accordance with the RowStatus convention

type: CTap2DebugTable

config: False


The User Table lists information of all the users configured in the system who are given permission by different Mediation Devices to access Lawful Intercept CLIs. This table will have dependancy on cTap2MediationTable. When entry in cTap2MediationTable is deleted or moved to ‘notInService’, entries corresponding cTap2MediationContentId in this table will be deleted

type: CTap2DebugUserTable

config: False