class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_ENVMON_MIB.CiscoEnvMonState

CiscoEnvMonState (Enum Class)

Represents the state of a device being monitored.

Valid values are:

normal(1): the environment is good, such as low


warning(2): the environment is bad, such as temperature

above normal operation range but not too


critical(3): the environment is very bad, such as

temperature much higher than normal

operation limit.

shutdown(4): the environment is the worst, the system

should be shutdown immediately.

notPresent(5): the environmental monitor is not present,

such as temperature sensors do not exist.

notFunctioning(6): the environmental monitor does not

function properly, such as a temperature

sensor generates a abnormal data like

1000 C.

normal = 1
warning = 2
critical = 3
shutdown = 4
notPresent = 5
notFunctioning = 6