class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.Cisco_IOS_XE_ntp_oper.KissCodeType

KissCodeType (Enum Class)

Kiss code is used for debug or maintenance purposes in devices in stratum 0 or 16

ntp_ref_acst = 0

The association belongs to a unicast server

ntp_ref_auth = 1

Server authentication failed

ntp_ref_auto = 2

Autokey sequence failed

ntp_ref_bcst = 3

The association belongs to a broadcast server

ntp_ref_cryp = 4

Cryptographic authentication or identification failed

ntp_ref_deny = 5

Access denied by remote server

ntp_ref_drop = 6

Lost peer in symmetric mode

ntp_ref_rstr = 7

Access denied due to local policy

ntp_ref_init = 8

The association has not synchronized for the first time

ntp_ref_mcst = 9

The association belongs to a dynamically discovered server

ntp_ref_nkey = 10

No key found. Either the key was never installed or not trusted

ntp_ref_rate = 11

The server has temporarily denied access because

the client exceeded the rate threshold

ntp_ref_rmot = 12

Alteration of association from a remote host running ntpdc

ntp_ref_step = 13

STEP means the offset is less than the panic threshold but greater than the step threshold of 125 ms