openconfig_bgp moduleΒΆ

Data Classes


Revision: 2017-02-02

This module describes a YANG model for BGP protocol configuration.It is a limited subset of all of the configuration parameters available in the variety of vendor implementations, hence it is expected that it would be augmented with vendor- specific configuration data as needed. Additional modules or submodules to handle other aspects of BGP configuration, including policy, VRFs, VPNs, and additional address families are also expected.

This model supports the following BGP configuration level hierarchy:


+-> [ global BGP configuration ]
+-> AFI / SAFI global
+-> peer group
+-> [ peer group config ] +-> AFI / SAFI [ per-AFI overrides ]
+-> neighbor
+-> [ neighbor config ] +-> [ optional pointer to peer-group ] +-> AFI / SAFI [ per-AFI overrides ]