class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.cisco_pw.PwOperStateType

PwOperStateType (Enum Class)

Indicates the operational status of the PW VC

up = 1

Pseudowire is established, i.e., it is operational

and available to carry packets

down = 2

Pseudowire is idle, i.e., it is administratively up

but network connectivity with the neighbor is not


cold_standby = 3

Pseudowire can take over traffic for another


hot_standby = 4

Pseudowire is available to immediately take over

traffic from another pseudowire

recovering = 5

Pseudowire was previously in active state and is

in the process of being restored to active state

no_hardware = 6

Pseudowire no longer has the required hardware

resources to be able to offer packet service to

the system

unresolved = 7

Pseudowire is not completely provisioned

provisioned = 8

Pseudowire has received local configuration

remote_standby = 9

Pseudowire neighbor has sent its pseudowire

binding information

local_ready = 10

Pseudowire is provisioned, got a local label, and

its local binding has been sent to the neighbor

all_ready = 11

Pseudowire is locally provisioned, local binding

has been sent, and remote binding was received

from the neighbor