class CISCOTAP2MIB.CTap2DebugTable

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : CISCOTAP2MIB CTap2DebugTable

This class represents state data.

A table that contains Lawful Intercept debug messages

generated by the implementing device. This table is used

by ciscoTap2MediationDebug and ciscoTap2StreamDebug


An entry in this table contains a debug message which is

regarding either a Mediation Device or a intercept stream

created by a Mediation Device. The Mediation device is

identified by cTap2DebugMediationId whose value is

that of cTap2MediationContentId of cTapMediationEntry.

The stream is identified by cTap2DebugMediationId and

cTap2DebugStreamId whose values are that of

cTap2MediationContentId and cTap2StreamIndex of

the corresponding cTap2StreamEntry.

Note that cTap2DebugStreamId may be zero for an entry,

in which case the debug message is regarding a Medation


Entries are added to this table via cTap2DebugStatus in

accordance with the RowStatus convention.


A list of the debug messages

type: list of CTap2DebugEntry

config: False