Data Classes


Revision: 2007-09-06

This MIB defines objects that describe dynamic templates. A dynamic template is a set of configuration attributes that a system can dynamically apply to a target.

The target of a dynamic template is the entity configured by the system using the configuration attributes contained by a template. At the time of this writing, an interface represents the only valid target of a dynamic template. However, the architecture does not prevent other target types, and hence, the MIB definition generalizes the notion of a target to allow for this.

Generally, the system does not directly apply the attributes contained by a dynamic template to an associated target. The system might generate a derived configuration from the set of dynamic templates associated with the target. A derived configuration represents the union of the configuration attributes contained by each associated dynamic template. In the case of a conflict (i.e., more than one dynamic template specifies the same configuration attribute), the system accepts the configuration attribute from the dynamic template with the highest precedence.