class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.Cisco_IOS_XE_ntp_oper.PeerSelectStatus

PeerSelectStatus (Enum Class)

Selection status of peer

ntp_peer_as_backup = 0

The peer is a survivor but not among the first

six peers

ntp_peer_rejected = 1

The peer was rejected due to a loop or due

to becoming unreachable or due to bad synchronization distance

ntp_peer_false_ticker = 2

The peer or server is discarded due to false tick

or clock errors

ntp_peer_excess = 3

The peer is discarded as it is not among the

first ten peers sorted by synchronization distance

ntp_peer_outlier = 4

NTP server or peer rejected as outlier

ntp_peer_candidate = 5

Possible candidate for selection as time server

ntp_peer_sys_peer = 6

Peer or server selected as time server

ntp_peer_pps_peer = 7

Peer or server selected as time server. In this

case the Pulse Per Second signal is used to synchronize the client and

server or peer