class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_TC.CiscoLocationClass

CiscoLocationClass (Enum Class)

An enumerated value which provides an indication of

the general location type of a particular physical and/or

logical interface.

chassis - a system framework for mounting one or more


shelf - a cabinet that holds one or more slots.

slot - card or subSlot holder.

subSlot - daughter-card holder.

port - a physical port (e.g., a DS1 or DS3 physical port).

subPort - a logical port on a physical port (e.g., a DS1

subPort on a DS3 physical port).

channel - a logical interface (e.g., a DS0 channel, signaling

channel, ATM port, other virtual interfaces).

subChannel - a sub-channel on a logical interface.

chassis = 1
shelf = 2
slot = 3
subSlot = 4
port = 5
subPort = 6
channel = 7
subChannel = 8