Enum Classes

class TOKENRINGRMONMIB.RingStationConfigControlTable.RingStationConfigControlEntry

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : TOKENRINGRMONMIB RingStationConfigControlTable RingStationConfigControlEntry

This class represents state data.

This entry controls active management of stations

by the probe. One entry exists in this table for

each active station in the ringStationTable.


The value of this object uniquely identifies the interface on this remote network monitoring device on which this station was detected. The interface identified by a particular value of this object is the same interface as identified by the same value of the ifIndex object, defined in MIB-II [3]

type: int

range: -2147483648..2147483647

config: False


The physical address of this station

type: str

length: 6..6

config: False


Setting this object to `removing(2)’ causes a Remove Station MAC frame to be sent. The agent will set this object to `stable(1)’ after processing the request

type: RingStationConfigControlRemove

config: False


Setting this object to `updating(2)’ causes the configuration information associate with this entry to be updated. The agent will set this object to `stable(1)’ after processing the request

type: RingStationConfigControlUpdateStats

config: False