class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xr.Cisco_IOS_XR_pfi_im_cmd_oper.BmMbrStateReason

BmMbrStateReason (Enum Class)

Bm mbr state reason

bm_mbr_state_reason_unknown = 0

Reason unavailable (diagnostics error)

bm_mbr_state_reason_unselectable_unknown = 1

Link cannot be used (unknown reason)

bm_mbr_state_reason_link_down = 2

Link is down

bm_mbr_state_reason_link_deleting = 3

Link is being removed from the bundle

bm_mbr_state_reason_creating = 4

Link is in the process of being created

bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_creating = 5

Bundle is in the process of being created

bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_deleting = 6

Bundle is in the process of being deleted

bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_admin_down = 7

Bundle has been shut down

bm_mbr_state_reason_replicating = 8

Bundle is in the process of being replicated to

this location

bm_mbr_state_reason_bandwidth = 9

Incompatible with other links in the bundle

(bandwidth out of range)

bm_mbr_state_reason_loop_back = 10

Loopback: Actor and Partner have the same

System ID and Key

bm_mbr_state_reason_activity_type = 11

Incompatible with other links in the bundle

(LACP vs non-LACP)

bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_shutdown = 12

Bundle shutdown is configured for the bundle

bm_mbr_state_reason_min_selected = 13

Not enough links available to meet

minimum-active threshold

bm_mbr_state_reason_max_selected = 14

Link is Standby due to maximum-active links


bm_mbr_state_reason_link_limit = 15

Bundle has too many member links configured

bm_mbr_state_reason_active_limit = 16

Bundle has reached maximum supported number of

active links

bm_mbr_state_reason_standby_unknown = 17

Link is Standby (unknown reason)

bm_mbr_state_reason_expired = 18

Link is Expired; LACPDUs are not being received

from the partner

bm_mbr_state_reason_defaulted = 19

Link is Defaulted; LACPDUs are not being

received from the partner

bm_mbr_state_reason_act_or_not_agg = 20

Link is Not Aggregatable (unknown reason)

bm_mbr_state_reason_partner_not_agg = 21

Partner has marked the link as Not Aggregatable

bm_mbr_state_reason_lagid = 22

Partner System ID/Key do not match that of the

Selected links

bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_not_cfgd = 23

Bundle interface is not present in


bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_not_ready = 24

Wait-while timer is running

bm_mbr_state_reason_partner_ood = 25

Partner has not echoed the correct parameters

for this link

bm_mbr_state_reason_partner_not_in_sync = 26

Partner is not Synchronized (Waiting, Standby,

or LAG ID mismatch)

bm_mbr_state_reason_foreign_partner_oos = 27

Partner is not Synchronized (Waiting, not

Selected, or out-of-date)

bm_mbr_state_reason_attach_unknown = 28

Link is Attached and has not gone Collecting

(unknown reason)

bm_mbr_state_reason_partner_not_collecting = 29

Partner has not advertized that it is


bm_mbr_state_reason_collect_unknown = 30

Link is Collecting and has not gone

Distributing (unknown reason)

bm_mbr_state_reason_standby_foreign = 31

Link is marked as Standby by mLACP peer

bm_mbr_state_reason_bfd_starting = 32

Link is waiting for BFD session to start

bm_mbr_state_reason_bfd_down = 33

BFD state of this link is Down

bm_mbr_state_reason_bfd_nbr_unconfig = 34

BFD session is unconfigured on the remote end

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp = 35

Link is not operational as a result of mLACP


bm_mbr_state_reason_pe_isolated = 36

ICCP group is isolated from the core network

bm_mbr_state_reason_forced_switchover = 37

Forced switchover to the mLACP peer

bm_mbr_state_reason_errdis_unknown = 38

Link is error disabled (unknown reason)

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_no_mbr_state_info = 39

Waiting for member state information from mLACP


bm_mbr_state_reason_active = 40

Link is Active

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_no_bdl_state_info = 41

Waiting for bundle state information from mLACP


bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_no_bdl_config_info = 42

Waiting for bundle configuration information

from mLACP peer

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_no_bdl_sync = 43

Waiting for bundle to complete initial

synchronization with mLACP peer

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_bdl_has_no_peer = 44

mLACP bundle does not have a peer device

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_nak = 45

Link is being ignored due to an inconsistency

with mLACP peer

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_transport_unavailable = 46

ICCP transport is unavailable

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_not_configured = 47

ICCP Group is not fully configured

bm_mbr_state_reason_recovery_timer = 48

mLACP recovery delay timer is running

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_standby = 49

mLACP peer is active

bm_mbr_state_reason_maximized_out = 50

mLACP peer has more links/bandwidth available

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_peer_selected = 51

mLACP peer has one or more links Selected

bm_mbr_state_reason_mlacp_connect_timer_running = 52

mLACP bundle does not have a peer device

(connect timer running)

bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_not_mlacp = 53

Bundle is not configured to run mLACP

bm_mbr_state_reason_no_lon = 54

Bundle has too many working links configured

(more than the maximum-active limit)

bm_mbr_state_reason_cumul_rel_bw_limit = 55

Additional bandwidth from link would exceed

load balancing capabilities

bm_mbr_state_reason_no_mac = 56

No MAC address available for the bundle

bm_mbr_state_reason_no_system_id = 57

No system ID available for use by this bundle

bm_mbr_state_reason_link_shutdown = 58

Link is shutdown

bm_mbr_state_reason_activity_mlacp = 59

Non-LACP link in mLACP bundle

bm_mbr_state_reason_activity_iccp = 60

LACP link in inter-chassis bundle

bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_icpe_mlacp = 61

Parent bundle is both inter-chassis and

configured for mLACP

bm_mbr_state_reason_no_link_num = 62

Too many bundle members in system; no link

number available

bm_mbr_state_reason_standby_peer_higher_prio = 63

mLACP peer has a higher priority link

bm_mbr_state_reason_red_state_standby = 64

Link is in standby redundancy state

bm_mbr_state_reason_other_red_state_standby = 65

One or more links in the bundle are in standby

redundancy state

bm_mbr_state_reason_hold_ing = 66

Holding down temporary to avoid churn after


bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_error_disabled = 67

Bundle has been error-disabled

bm_mbr_state_reason_bundle_efd_disabled = 68

Bundle has been disabled by EFD

bm_mbr_state_reason_singleton_pe_isolated = 69

Singleton ICCP group is isolated from the core


bm_mbr_state_reason_bfd_ipv6_starting = 70

Link is waiting for BFDv6 session to start

bm_mbr_state_reason_bfd_ipv6_down = 71

BFDv6 state of this link is Down

bm_mbr_state_reason_bfd_ipv6_nbr_unconfig = 72

BFDv6 session is unconfigured on the remote end

bm_mbr_state_reason_timer_running = 73

LACP delay timer is running

bm_mbr_state_reason_client_bundle_ctrl = 74

Client has configured the bundle state Down

bm_mbr_state_reason_lacp_oos = 75

Link is in standby due to bundle out of service


bm_mbr_state_reason_errdis_bundle_oos = 76

Link is error-disabled due to bundle out of

service state

bm_mbr_state_reason_count = 77

Enumeration maximum value