class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.SNMPv2_TC.StorageType

StorageType (Enum Class)

Describes the memory realization of a conceptual row. A

row which is volatile(2) is lost upon reboot. A row which

is either nonVolatile(3), permanent(4) or readOnly(5), is

backed up by stable storage. A row which is permanent(4)

can be changed but not deleted. A row which is readOnly(5)

cannot be changed nor deleted.

If the value of an object with this syntax is either

permanent(4) or readOnly(5), it cannot be modified.

Conversely, if the value is either other(1), volatile(2) or

nonVolatile(3), it cannot be modified to be permanent(4) or


Every usage of this textual convention is required to

specify the columnar objects which a permanent(4) row must

at a minimum allow to be writable.

other = 1
volatile = 2
nonVolatile = 3
permanent = 4
readOnly = 5