Enum Classes

class Interfaces.Interface.Ethernet.Config

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : Interfaces Interface Ethernet Config

This class represents configuration data.

Configuration data for ethernet interfaces


Assigns a MAC address to the Ethernet interface. If not specified, the corresponding operational state leaf is expected to show the system-assigned MAC address

type: str

pattern: [0-9a-fA-F]{2}(:[0-9a-fA-F]{2}){5}


Set to TRUE to request the interface to auto-negotiate transmission parameters with its peer interface. When set to FALSE, the transmission parameters are specified manually

type: bool

default value: true


When auto-negotiate is TRUE, this optionally sets the duplex mode that will be advertised to the peer. If unspecified, the interface should negotiate the duplex mode directly (typically full-duplex). When auto-negotiate is FALSE, this sets the duplex mode on the interface directly

type: DuplexMode


When auto-negotiate is TRUE, this optionally sets the port-speed mode that will be advertised to the peer for negotiation. If unspecified, it is expected that the interface will select the highest speed available based on negotiation. When auto-negotiate is set to FALSE, sets the link speed to a fixed value – supported values are defined by ETHERNET_SPEED identities

type: one of the below values:


Enable or disable flow control for this interface. Ethernet flow control is a mechanism by which a receiver may send PAUSE frames to a sender to stop transmission for a specified time. This setting should override auto-negotiated flow control settings. If left unspecified, and auto-negotiate is TRUE, flow control mode is negotiated with the peer interface

type: bool

default value: false


Specify the logical aggregate interface to which this interface belongs

type: str

refers to: name