Data Classes

Enum Classes


Revision: 2013-03-13

A MIB module for extending the IF-MIB (RFC2863) to add objects which provide additional information about interfaces not available in other MIBS. This MIB replaces the OLD-CISCO-INTERFACES-MIB.


Virtual Switch - A physical switch partitioned into
multiple logical switches.
Interface Sharing - An interface can be shared among
multiple virtual switches.

Speed Group - An interface is capable of operating in any one of the speed range depending on the capability of the hardware.

Virtual Link (VL) - Virtual Link is a logical connectivity
between two end points. A physical interface can have multiple Virtual Links.
No Drop Virtual Link - According to 802.3 standard,
No drop specifies lossless service on a virtual link.
Drop Virtual Link - According to 802.3 standard,
Traffic drop may occur on this virtual Link.