class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_VTP_MIB.VlanType

VlanType (Enum Class)

The type of a VLAN.

Note that the ‘ethernet’ type, is used for any ethernet or

802.3 VLAN, including an ATM Ethernet ELAN; and the

‘tokenRing’ (‘trCrf’) type is used for each VLAN

representing a single logical 802.5 ring including an ATM

Token-Ring ELAN.

The ‘trCrf’ type is used for token ring VLANs made up of

(at most) one transparently bridged LAN segment.

The ‘trBrf’ type is used for VLANs which represent the

scope of many ‘trCrf’ VLANs all connected together via

source route bridging. The token ring ‘trBrf’ can be said

to represent the bridged broadcast domain.

ethernet = 1
fddi = 2
tokenRing = 3
fddiNet = 4
trNet = 5
deprecated = 6