class CISCOBULKFILEMIB.CbfDefineFileTable

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : CISCOBULKFILEMIB CbfDefineFileTable

This class represents state data.

A table of bulk file definition and creation controls.


Information for creation of a bulk file. To creat a bulk file an application creates an entry in this table and corresponding entries in cbfDefineObjectTable. When the entry in this table and the corresponding entries in cbfDefineObjectTable are ‘active’ the appliction uses cbfDefineFileNow to create the file and a corresponding entry in cbfStatusFileTable. Deleting an entry in cbfDefineFileTable deletes all corresponding entries in cbfDefineObjectTable and cbfStatusFileTable. An entry may not be modified or deleted while its cbfDefineFileNow has the value ‘running’

type: list of CbfDefineFileEntry

config: False