class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_IP_TAP_MIB.CISCOIPTAPMIB

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : CISCOIPTAPMIB

This class represents state data.


type: CitapStreamEncodePacket

config: False


The Intercept Stream IP Table lists the IPv4 and IPv6 streams to be intercepted. The same data stream may be required by multiple taps, and one might assume that often the intercepted stream is a small subset of the traffic that could be intercepted. This essentially provides options for packet selection, only some of which might be used. For example, if all traffic to or from a given interface is to be intercepted, one would configure an entry which lists the interface, and wild-card everything else. If all traffic to or from a given IP Address is to be intercepted, one would configure two such entries listing the IP Address as source and destination respectively, and wild-card everything else. If a particular voice on a teleconference is to be intercepted, on the other hand, one would extract the multicast (destination) IP address, the source IP Address, the protocol (UDP), and the source and destination ports from the call control exchange and list all necessary information. The first index indicates which Mediation Device the intercepted traffic will be diverted to. The second index permits multiple classifiers to be used together, such as having an IP address as source or destination. The value of the second index is that of the stream’s counter entry in the cTap2StreamTable. Entries are added to this table via citapStreamStatus in accordance with the RowStatus convention

type: CitapStreamTable

config: False