class NHRPMIB.NhrpGeneralObjects

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : NHRPMIB NhrpGeneralObjects

This class represents state data.


This scalar is used for creating rows in the nhrpClientTable and the nhrpServerTable. The value of this variable is a currently unused value for nhrpClientIndex and nhrpServerIndex. The value returned when reading this variable must be unique for the NHC’s and NHS’s indices associated with this row. Subsequent attempts to read this variable must return different values. NOTE: this object exists in the General Group because it is to be used in establishing rows in the nhrpClientTable and the nhrpServerTable. In other words, the value retrieved from this object could become the value of nhrpClientIndex and nhprServerIndex. In the situation of an agent re-initialization the value of this object must be saved in non-volatile storage. This variable will return the special value 0 if no new rows can be created

type: int

range: 0..4294967295

config: False