class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_ENTITY_ALARM_MIB.AlarmSeverity

AlarmSeverity (Enum Class)

Each alarm type defined by a vendor type employed by the

system has an associated severity. Bellcore TR-NWT-000474

defines these severities as follows:

‘critical’ An alarm used to indicate a severe, service-

affecting condition has occurred and that immediate

corrective action is imperative, regardless of the

time of day or day of the week.

‘major’ An alarm used for hardware or software conditions

that indicate a serious disruption of service or the

malfunctioning or failure of important hardware.

These troubles require the immediate attention and

response of a technician to restore or maintain

system capability. The urgency is less than in

critical situations because of a lesser immediate

or impending effect on service or system


‘minor’ An alarm used for troubles that do not have a

serious effect on service to customers or for

troubles in hardware that are not essential to

the operation of the system.

‘info’ An indication used to raise attention to a condition

that could possibly be an impending problem or to

notify the customer of an event that improves


critical = 1
major = 2
minor = 3
info = 4