class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_SUBSCRIBER_IDENTITY_TC_MIB.SubSessionIdentities

A bit string describing a set of subscriber session identities:’ifIndex’ The ifIndex assigned to the interface representing the subscriber session.’subscriberLabel’ The arbitrary integer-value assigned by the system to uniquely identify the subscriber session within the scope of the system.’macAddress’ The subscriber’s MAC address.’nativeVrf’ The name of the VRF on which the subscriber session originates.’nativeIpAddress’ The IP address assigned to the subscriber session on the customer-facing side of the system.’domainVrf’ The name of the VRF to which the system transfers the subscriber session traffic.’domainIpAddress’ The IP address assigned to the subscriber session on the service-facing side of the system.’pbhk’ The Port-Bundle Host Key (PBHK) uniquely identifying the subscriber session. A PBHK consists of a source IP address and a TCP port number.’remoteId’ The name identifying the ‘calling station’ or access multiplexor providing access to the subscriber.’circuitId’ The name identifying the circuit on the ‘calling station’, access multiplexor, or access switch that provides access to the subscriber.’nasPort’ An octet string identifying the port on the Network Access Server (NAS) that provides access to the subscriber.’domain’ The subscriber’s domain name.’username’ The subscriber’s username.’dnis’ The Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) number (or called-party number) dialed by the subscriber.’acctSessionId’ The subscriber’s accounting session identifier.’media’ The type of media providing access to the subscriber.’mlpNegotiated’ Indicates whether the subscriber session was established using multi-link PPP negotiation.’protocol’ The type of protocol providing access to the subscriber.’serviceName’ The name identifying the service associated with the subscriber.’dhcpClass’ The name of the class matching the DHCP DISCOVER message received from the subscriber.’tunnelName’ The name of the VPDN used to carry the subscriber session.

Bits positions:

nativeVrf: 0

macAddress: 1

domain: 2

subscriberLabel: 3

protocol: 4

domainIpAddress: 5

remoteId: 6

mlpNegotiated: 7

media: 8

tunnelName: 9

username: 10

nativeIpAddress: 11

circuitId: 12

pbhk: 13

ifIndex: 14

acctSessionId: 15

dnis: 16

domainVrf: 17

nasPort: 18

dhcpClass: 19

serviceName: 20