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Revision: 2000-08-07

The MIB module for modeling Cisco-specific IPsec attributes

Overview of Cisco IPsec MIB

MIB description

This MIB models the Cisco implementation-specific attributes of a Cisco entity that implements IPsec. This MIB is complementary to the standard IPsec MIB proposed jointly by Tivoli and Cisco.

The ciscoIPsec MIB provides the operational information on Cisco’s IPsec tunnelling implementation. The following entities are managed: 1) ISAKMP Group: a) ISAKMP global parameters b) ISAKMP Policy Table

2) IPSec Group: a) IPSec Global Parameters b) IPSec Global Traffic Parameters c) Cryptomap Group - Cryptomap Set Table - Cryptomap Table - CryptomapSet Binding Table

3) System Capacity & Capability Group: a) Capacity Parameters b) Capability Parameters

  1. Trap Control Group
  2. Notifications Group