Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : SNMPFRAMEWORKMIB SnmpEngine

This class represents state data.


An SNMP engine’s administratively-unique identifier. This information SHOULD be stored in non-volatile storage so that it remains constant across re-initializations of the SNMP engine

type: str

length: 5..32

config: False


The number of times that the SNMP engine has (re-)initialized itself since snmpEngineID was last configured

type: int

range: 1..2147483647

config: False


The number of seconds since the value of the snmpEngineBoots object last changed. When incrementing this object’s value would cause it to exceed its maximum, snmpEngineBoots is incremented as if a re-initialization had occurred, and this object’s value consequently reverts to zero

type: int

range: 0..2147483647

config: False

units: seconds


The maximum length in octets of an SNMP message which this SNMP engine can send or receive and process, determined as the minimum of the maximum message size values supported among all of the transports available to and supported by the engine

type: int

range: 484..2147483647

config: False