openconfig_terminal_device moduleΒΆ

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Revision: 2016-06-17

This module describes a terminal optics device model for managing the terminal systems (client and line side) in a DWDM transport network.

Elements of the model:

physical port: corresponds to a physical, pluggable client port on the terminal device. Examples includes 10G, 40G, 100G (e.g., 10x10G, 4x25G or 1x100G) and 400G/1T in the future. Physical client ports will have associated operational state or PMs.

physical channel: a physical lane or channel in the physical client port. Each physical client port has 1 or more channels. An example is 100GBASE-LR4 client physical port having 4x25G channels. Channels have their own optical PMs and can be monitored independently within a client physical port (e.g., channel power). Physical client channels are defined in the model as part of a physical client port, and are modeled primarily for reading their PMs.

logical channel: a logical grouping of logical grooming elements that may be assigned to subsequent grooming stages for multiplexing / de-multiplexing, or to an optical channel for line side transmission. The logical channels can represent, for example, an ODU/OTU logical packing of the client data onto the line side. Tributaries are similarly logical groupings of demand that can be represented in this structure and assigned to an optical channel. Note that different types of logical channels may be present, each with their corresponding PMs.

optical channel: corresponds to an optical carrier and is assigned a wavelength/frequency. Optical channels have PMs such as power, BER, and operational mode.


To maintain simplicity in the model, the configuration is described from client-to-line direction. The assumption is that equivalent reverse configuration is implicit, resulting in the same line-to-client configuration.

Physical layout:

The model does not assume a particular physical layout of client and line ports on the terminal device (e.g., such as number of ports per linecard, separate linecards for client and line ports, etc.).

This module contains augment: Components.Component