class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.Cisco_IOS_XE_ospf_oper.Ospfv2IntfState

Ospfv2IntfState (Enum Class)

The possible states that an interface can be in

ospfv2_interface_state_down = 0

The interface is in the down state

ospfv2_interface_state_loopback = 1

The interface is in loopback state

ospfv2_interface_state_waiting = 2

The interface is in waiting state

ospfv2_interface_state_point_to_mpoint = 3

The interface is in point-to-multipoint state

ospfv2_interface_state_point_to_point = 4

The interface is in point-to-point state

ospfv2_interface_state_dr = 5

The interface is in the designated router state

ospfv2_interface_state_backup = 6

The interface is providing backup for another


ospfv2_interface_state_other = 7

The interface is in a state other than the ones

nummerated in this list