class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_EIGRP_MIB.CISCOEIGRPMIB

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : CISCOEIGRPMIB

This class represents state data.


This table contains information on those VPN’s configured to run EIGRP. The VPN creation on a router is independent of the routing protocol to be used over it. A VPN is given a name and has a dedicated routing table associated with it. This routing table is identified internally by a unique integer value

type: CEigrpVpnTable

config: False


Table of EIGRP traffic statistics and information associated with all EIGRP autonomous systems

type: CEigrpTraffStatsTable

config: False


The table of EIGRP routes and their associated attributes for an Autonomous System (AS) configured in a VPN is called a topology table. All route entries in the topology table will be indexed by IP network type, IP network number and network mask (prefix) size

type: CEigrpTopoTable

config: False


The table of established EIGRP peers (neighbors) in the selected autonomous system. Peers are indexed by their unique internal handle id, as well as the AS number and VPN id. The peer entry is removed from the table if the peer is declared down

type: CEigrpPeerTable

config: False


The table of interfaces over which EIGRP is running, and their associated statistics. This table is independent of whether any peer adjacencies have been formed over the interfaces or not. Interfaces running EIGRP are determined by whether their assigned IP addresses fall within configured EIGRP network statements

type: CEigrpInterfaceTable

config: False