Data Classes


Revision: 2007-11-12

This MIB defines the configuration and monitoring capabilities relating to local IP pools.

Local IP pools have the following characteristics:

  • An IP local pool consists of one or more IP address ranges.
  • An IP pool group consists of one or more IP local pools.
  • An IP local pool can only belong to one IP pool group.
  • IP local pools that belong to different groups can have overlapping addresses.
  • IP local pool names are unique even when they belong to different groups.
  • Addresses within an IP pool group can not overlap.
  • IP local pools without an explicit group name are considered members of the base system group. In this MIB, the base system group is represented by a null IP pool group name.

This MIB defines objects that expose the relationship between IP pool groups and IP local pools. There exist other objects that maintain statistics about the address usage of IP local pools.