class EtherLikeMIB.Dot3HCStatsTable

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : EtherLikeMIB Dot3HCStatsTable

This class represents state data.

A table containing 64-bit versions of error

counters from the dot3StatsTable. The 32-bit

versions of these counters may roll over quite

quickly on higher speed ethernet interfaces.

The counters that have 64-bit versions in this

table are the counters that apply to full-duplex

interfaces, since 10 Gb/s and faster

ethernet-like interfaces do not support

half-duplex, and very few 1000 Mb/s

ethernet-like interfaces support half-duplex.

Entries in this table are recommended for

interfaces capable of operating at 1000 Mb/s or

faster, and are required for interfaces capable

of operating at 10 Gb/s or faster. Lower speed

ethernet-like interfaces do not need entries in

this table, in which case there may be fewer

entries in this table than in the

dot3StatsTable. However, implementations

containing interfaces with a mix of speeds may

choose to implement entries in this table for

all ethernet-like interfaces.


An entry containing 64-bit statistics for a single ethernet-like interface

type: list of Dot3HCStatsEntry

config: False