Enum Classes

class NHRPMIB.NhrpClientRegistrationTable.NhrpClientRegistrationEntry

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : NHRPMIB NhrpClientRegistrationTable NhrpClientRegistrationEntry

This class represents state data.

An NHC needs to maintain registration request information

between the NHC and the NHS. An entry in this table

represents information for a single registration request.


type: int

range: 1..4294967295

refers to: nhrpclientindex

config: False


An identifier for this entry such that it identifies a specific Registration Request from the NHC represented by the nhrpClientIndex

type: int

range: 1..4294967295

config: False


The Uniqueness indicator for this Registration Request. If this object has the value of requestUnique(1), then the Uniqueness bit is set in the the NHRP Registration Request represented by this row. The value cannot be changed once the row is created

type: NhrpClientRegUniqueness

config: False


The registration state of this client. The values are: ‘other(1)’ The state of the registration request is not one of ‘registering’, ‘ackRegisterReply’ or ‘nakRegisterReply’. ‘registering(2)’ A registration request has been issued and a registration reply is expected. ‘ackRegisterReply(3)’ A positive registration reply has been received. ‘nakRegisterReply(4)’ The client has received a negative registration reply (NAK)

type: NhrpClientRegState

config: False


An object that allows entries in this table to be created and deleted using the RowStatus convention

type: RowStatus

config: False