openconfig_local_routing moduleΒΆ

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Revision: 2017-05-15

This module describes configuration and operational state data for routes that are locally generated, i.e., not created by dynamic routing protocols. These include static routes, locally created aggregate routes for reducing the number of constituent routes that must be advertised, summary routes for IGPs, etc.

This model expresses locally generated routes as generically as possible, avoiding configuration of protocol-specific attributes at the time of route creation. This is primarily to avoid assumptions about how underlying router implementations handle route attributes in various routing table data structures they maintain. Hence, the definition of locally generated routes essentially creates ‘bare’ routes that do not have any protocol- specific attributes.

When protocol-specific attributes must be attached to a route (e.g., communities on a locally defined route meant to be advertised via BGP), the attributes should be attached via a protocol-specific policy after importing the route into the protocol for distribution (again via routing policy).