class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_ETHER_CFM_MIB.CISCOETHERCFMMIB

Bases: Entity


This class represents state data.


type: CecCfmEvents

config: False


This table contains a collection of Ethernet CFM notifications generated by the device. The notifications correspond to events recognized by the device and fall into the following classes: - MEP-Up - MEP-Down - Configuration Error - Forwarding Loop - Cross-connected Ethernet Connection - Crosscheck Missing MEP - Crosscheck Unknown MEP - Crosscheck Service Up A conceptual row is created in this table whenever the device encounters one of the events listed above. Rows can only be created by the agent, and not at the request of the management station. Rows are deleted at the request of a management station by setting the cEtherCfmEventDeleteRow object to ‘delete’. Another way of deleting rows is through the CLI. Although this table may be indexed uniquely by the cEtherCfmEventIndex index, the first two indices (cEtherCfmEventDomainIndex and cEtherCfmEventSvlan) are used to speed-up queries per maintenance domain and per customer service instance. Furthermore, these two indices will help in defining the MIB views easily in order to restrict access to the MIB to particular entities (be it a service provider, or operator, or customer)

type: CEtherCfmEventTable

config: False