class CISCOTAP2MIB.CTap2DebugUserTable

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : CISCOTAP2MIB CTap2DebugUserTable

This class represents state data.

The User Table lists information of all the users configured

in the system who are given permission by different Mediation

Devices to access Lawful Intercept CLIs.

This table will have dependancy on cTap2MediationTable. When

entry in cTap2MediationTable is deleted or moved to

‘notInService’, entries corresponding cTap2MediationContentId

in this table will be deleted.


A conceptual row in the cTap2DebugUserTable. Each row represents name of user on the router to whom Mediation Device with CCCid represented by cTap2MediationContentId has given access to Lawful Intercept commands and cTap2DebugUserTimeout represents the time when the entry will expire

type: list of CTap2DebugUserEntry

config: False