Bases: Entity


This class represents state data.


type: CiscoCableWidebandMIBObjects

config: False


This table contains attributes of the physical RF channels. MPEG-TS packets are sent across RF channels within a wideband channel. These physical RF channels might be present on a different system but the WCMTS entity requires the knowledge of that system for its operation

type: CcwbRFChannelTable

config: False


A wideband channel is a logical grouping of one or more physical RF channels over which Wideband MPEG-TS packets are carried. This table contains association information of the wideband channels to the RF channels that are available for the WCMTS

type: CcwbWBtoRFMappingTable

config: False


This table contains information of the mapping of the wideband channels to the Narrowband channels that are available on the WCMTS. The wideband protocol utilizes the existing narrowband downstream channel for carrying the MAC management and signaling messages and the associated narrowband upstream for return data traffic and signaling

type: CcwbWBtoNBMappingTable

config: False


This table provides information about a Wideband BG interface, whether its configured to carry multicast or non-multicast traffic. For multicast the BG interface type is Secondary and for non-multicast its non-Secondary. Other objects could be added to this later in the future

type: CcwbWBBondGrpTable

config: False


This table contains Wideband Cable Modem(WCM) connectivity state. A WCM connectivity state can be associated with multiple Wideband interfaces

type: CcwbWBCmStatusTable

config: False


An entry in this table exists for each Wideband Cable Modem which links to one or more WB interface

type: CcwbWBCmStatusExtTable

config: False


This table contains the description of a Fiber Node on a CMTS. An entry in this table exists for each FiberNode ID

type: CcwbFiberNodeDescrTable

config: False


This table provides configuration information of each Fiber node. It will provide topology information of each Fiber node, which includes information such as, Narrowband and Wideband QAMs

type: CcwbFiberNodeTable

config: False