class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_FIREWALL_TC.CFWPolicyTargetType

CFWPolicyTargetType (Enum Class)

This type is used to represent the type of

a policy target.

The following values are defined:


Certain firewall implementations allow policies

to be applied on all applicable targets. (Such

policies are termed ‘global’). The target type

‘all’ denotes the set of all applicable



Denotes an entity type that has yet not been

classified in one of the other types. This

value is useful in accomodating new target types

before the textual convention is revised to

include them.


The policy target is an interface of the managed



The policy target is a zone, where a zone is

is a collection of interfaces of the managed



The policy target is a pair of zones.


Denotes the identity of a user who is

authorized to access the firewall itself or

the resources protected by the firewall.


Denotes the identity of a user group.

User group denotes a collection of user

identities, as defined above.


Denotes a logical device defined in the managed

device with a distinct management context.

Examples of such logical devices include

virtual contexts defined by Firewall Service

Module, virtual sensors defined by Intrusion

Detection Service Module and Virtual Routing

and Forwarding (VRFs) defined by IOS.

all = 1
other = 2
interface = 3
zone = 4
zonepair = 5
user = 6
usergroup = 7
context = 8