class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.NHRP_MIB.NHRPMIB

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : NHRPMIB

This class represents state data.


type: NhrpGeneralObjects

config: False


This table contains mappings between internetwork layer addresses and NBMA subnetwork layer addresses

type: NhrpCacheTable

config: False


This table will track Purge Request Information

type: NhrpPurgeReqTable

config: False


Information about NHRP clients (NHCs) managed by this agent

type: NhrpClientTable

config: False


A table of Registration Request Information that needs to be maintained by the NHCs (clients)

type: NhrpClientRegistrationTable

config: False


A table of NHSes that are available for use by this NHC (client). By default, the agent will add an entry to this table that corresponds to the client’s default router

type: NhrpClientNhsTable

config: False


This table contains statistics collected by NHRP clients

type: NhrpClientStatTable

config: False


This table contains information for a set of NHSes associated with this agent

type: NhrpServerTable

config: False


This table extends the nhrpCacheTable for NHSes. If the nhrpCacheTable has a row added due to an NHS or based on information regarding an NHS then a row is also added in this table. The rows in this table will be created when rows in the nhrpCacheTable are created. However, there may be rows created in the nhrpCacheTable which do not have corresponding rows in this table. For example, if the nhrpCacheTable has a row added due to a Next Hop Client which is co-resident on the same device as the NHS, a row will not be added to this table

type: NhrpServerCacheTable

config: False


A table of NHCs that are available for use by this NHS (Server)

type: NhrpServerNhcTable

config: False


Statistics collected by Next Hop Servers

type: NhrpServerStatTable

config: False