class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_DATA_COLLECTION_MIB.CdcFileXferStatus

CdcFileXferStatus (Enum Class)

The status of a file transfer. The different values are given


notStarted File transfer has not started.

success File transfer has successfully


aborted File transfer has been aborted.

fileOpenFailRemote Remote file could not be opened.

badDomainName Bad domain name given in the URL.

unreachableIpAddress IP address given in the URL could not

be reached.

networkFailure Transfer failed due to a network


fileWriteFailed A write on the remote file has


authFailed Authentication failed. For instance

incorrect password in CdcUrl incase

of FTP(File Transfer Protocol).

notStarted = 1
success = 2
aborted = 3
fileOpenFailRemote = 4
badDomainName = 5
unreachableIpAddress = 6
networkFailed = 7
fileWriteFailed = 8
authFailed = 9