class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_TC.CiscoAlarmSeverity

CiscoAlarmSeverity (Enum Class)

Represents the perceived alarm severity associated

with a service or safety affecting condition and/or

event. These are based on ITU severities, except

that info(7) is added.

cleared(1) -

Indicates a previous alarm condition has been

cleared. It is not required (unless specifically

stated elsewhere on a case by case basis) that an

alarm condition that has been cleared will produce

a notification or other event containing an

alarm severity with this value.

indeterminate(2) -

Indicates that the severity level cannot be


critical(3) -

Indicates that a service or safety affecting

condition has occurred and an immediate

corrective action is required.

major(4) -

Indicates that a service affecting condition has

occurred and an urgent corrective action is


minor(5) -

Indicates the existence of a non-service affecting

condition and that corrective action should be

taken in order to prevent a more serious (for

example, service or safety affecting) condition.

warning(6) -

Indicates the detection of a potential or impending

service or safety affecting condition, before any

significant effects have been felt.

info(7) -

Indicates an alarm condition that does not

meet any other severity definition. This can

include important, but non-urgent, notices or

informational events.

cleared = 1
indeterminate = 2
critical = 3
major = 4
minor = 5
warning = 6
info = 7